We guarantee certified regulatory client confidentiality and information privacy.

Protecting personal information

Personal Information

We may collect information that could be used to identify you. Depending on the extent of your interaction with the site, this information could include your name, your age, your address, your telephone number, your email address and your occupation. If you are applying for work with Gentry Wilson Partners, we may collect information about your employer and previous employers.

We make every endeavor to restrict access to such information to those who need access to it as part of their work duties. We ensure that all individuals authorized to access personal information are fully trained in protocols designed to protect the integrity of such information.

By accessing the Gentry Wilson Partners’ website you consent to the processing of any personal information you disseminate by Gentry Wilson Partners and/or its agents. Information may be processed for any of the following purposes or reasons:

  • 1) Ensuring client (or prospective client) records are kept up to date
  • 2) To enable Gentry Wilson Partners to learn more about you in order to develop and improve the services we provide to you
  • 3) To keep you apprised of other Gentry Wilson Partners services by post, email and telephone
  • 4) To improve techniques aimed at the prevention and detection of fraudulent activity, money laundering and legal or regulatory reporting or activity
  • 5) Ensuring the protection of both yours and Gentry Wilson Partners interests
  • 6) In the event that Gentry Wilson Partners business is sold, transferred to or integrated with the business of another separate entity, Gentry Wilson Partners may disclose your personal information to our advisers and any prospective third party’s advisers and transition them on to the new owners of the business


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Gentry Wilson Partners reserves the right to amend or update this Privacy Policy without the provision of notice.