Wealth Planning

An all-encompassing approach to managing your assets.

Taking the holistic view

A single, manageable solution

In the modern era of wealth management, Gentry Wilson Partners believes that the components forming our wealth management solution are essential and that they function most efficiently when incorporated into a single, manageable wealth solution.

Financial planning

Efficient management of substantial wealth is often multi-faceted and complex. Diversified financial assets, whether financial or tangible, should be organized in a particular fashion that aligns with long-term investment strategy. Structuring assets in this way is a specialized process that, when executed in the right way, can deliver compounding value-based benefits created as a result of the integration process.

Succession planning

As wealth is created and passed on through generations, succession planning becomes an essential component to ensure that the value of wealth is maintained effectively. The process of succession planning and execution demands the expertise of financial, legal and tax professionals that combine to deliver an implemented succession plan to suit client requirements.

Tax and legal

As regulations change and invested interests diversify across borders, the sheer complexity surrounding effective governance of investment concerns have increased. Gentry Wilson Partners’ legal and tax specialists continue to assist clients with such affairs as they seek to lessen the impact caused by the continuous changes in related requirements, made ever more challenging when investments are positioned in multiple jurisdictions.