Discretionary Management

Let us handle the routine administration of your portfolio.

Our gold standard service offering

Trust our highly professional managers

This type of arrangement will typically be suited to a client who does not possess the necessary expertise and/or time required to effectively and profitably manage the day-to-day administration of his or her portfolio. Discretionary Management enables such individuals to grant a type of limited power of attorney over the running of their investment portfolios to a suitably qualified advisor like Gentry Wilson Partners.

Mutually-agreed restrictions

We are bound by an Investment Limitation Policy which imposes mutually-agreed restrictions on:

  • The assets/securities we can purchase and include in the portfolio
  • The percentage that any single type of asset can represent within the portfolio
  • The risk rating of any asset or security we can purchase and include in the portfolio

Observing your boundaries

These parameters exist to protect client capital and it is, therefore, essential that we fully understand our clients’ objectives. The arrangement empowers us to purchase or sell assets on the account without needing to secure client authorization provided, of course, the transactions respect the boundaries set down within the Investment Limitations Policy.