The traditional engine of growth in any investment portfolio.

Painstaking stock identification

Small & mid-cap equities

Although we acknowledge the importance of major index components, we feel there is tremendous value and potential in the shares of mid-cap and smaller companies that often fail to attract the attention of the media or the larger absolute return investment managers.

Targeting capital appreciation

Most of the stocks we invest in do not pay dividends but what they do offer is the chance to participate in strong price movements that yield the kind of returns headlines are made of. This is not to say that we look to invest in stocks that display excessive volatility – that could not be further from the truth.

Buy low, sell high

However, we do try to select stocks that for one reason or another, appear undervalued and likely to benefit from an event or catalyst that our brightest analytical minds have identified before our rivals. We acquire stocks and hold them until such time as the trend shows signs of reversal at which time we dispose of them and book profits.