Bonds/Fixed Income

Preserving capital and generating generous, regular income.

For those needing to conserve capital

When income matters

Fixed income investing is an aspect of investing that often acts as the foundation or cornerstone of a portfolio that is geared towards lower risk favoring the generation of a steady, consistent flow of income.

For lower risk appetites

For investors with a lower tolerance for investment risk who have a medium-long term investment horizon, a portfolio based overwhelmingly on fixed income assets might be preferable especially at a time when equities may be exhibiting excessive volatility.

Bolstering our research

Gentry Wilson Partners’ fixed income team is comprised of highly experienced individuals with a solid background in the management of funds deployed in fixed income environments. To augment our own in-depth research, we avail ourselves of research from third parties with a long and venerable record within fixed income and select bond funds that correspond with those findings.

Broad range of assets

Coupons – that is, the regular income derived from holding the bond/s – are paid twice yearly in most instances and these are distributed in accordance with our clients’ wishes. As with equities, there are a broad range of fixed income assets with varying degrees of risk. From sovereign bonds to corporate and junk bonds, Gentry Wilson Partners can advise the best route based on risk tolerance.