Our Markets

Far-reaching expertise that embraces 1st world, developing and frontier markets.

Assets and securities

High conviction views

Our analysis-driven approach sees us deploy significant resources in our efforts to conduct original research and, in doing so, better understand the companies, situations and assets to which we commit client funds. This process enables us to successfully construct concentrated portfolios that reflect the high-conviction views of our investment team.

Vital research

The vital role of research within the equity investment process demands that all our most experienced analytical minds participate in the effort. For this reason, we have challenged the over-riding industry mold by assigning research responsibilities to all our portfolio managers who stand at the vanguard of our investment administrations.

Factual interpretation

To make use of this knowledge in an innovative, instantaneous and systematic way, we rely on the highly creative interpretation of facts, cutting edge information technology and comprehensive risk management supported by a dedicated administration team.