Our Family

A close-knit community working for your betterment.

How we excel

Fluid Approach to investing

We prefer to surround ourselves with those who are motivated by our key values and, as a result, have created a unique place to work and grow.

At Gentry Wilson Partners, our investment professionals take a synergistic approach to investing. They avail themselves of each other’s experience, knowledge and insight and specialist units can access support from the broader organization.

Attracting the best

This methodology has enjoyed tremendous success, lending the teams an almost organic flexibility and agility when making investment decisions. This approach has provided them with an environment in which they can commit time and resources to doing what they do best – investing.

Our cooperative culture sees us attract and retain some of the financial industry’s best investment professionals and, in addition, it encourages them to align their own personal interests with those of the firm and our clients by becoming stakeholders in the company.

About Us

Each member of Gentry Wilson Partners' team takes ownership for his or her role in our practice.

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