Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to giving back to the communities we work in.

Responsible Members of Our Community

Gauging our impact

What Gentry Wilson Partners does as a business has an impact on our environment and our community. We are wholeheartedly committed to not only assessing and mitigating the effects of that impact but also to deploying resources to making a difference that is both tangible and sustainable over the long term. We recognize that the sum of the talent and the vigor we possess can make a significant contribution to the effort required to create the type of society we all want to live in.

Making tangible contributions

Our firm operates a community volunteer program that grants our employees 10 full days each year to dedicate to voluntary work for various charitable causes or programs of their choosing. We’ve intentionally given them the right to choose where their voluntary efforts are focused since we’re cognizant of the fact that different causes will appeal to different personal passions.

And helping the less fortunate

In addition, we proudly run the Gentry Wilson Partners Giving Trust which grants discretionary bursaries to disadvantaged academic students and pledges to match donations to charitable causes. Recent beneficiaries include local elderly care programs and an orphanage.

About Us

Each member of Gentry Wilson Partners' team takes ownership for his or her role in our practice.

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